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The President of Turkmenistan took part in the celebrations at the International Akhal-Teke Equestrian Complex

The Chairman of the People's Council met with children who are interested in horse riding in the city of Arkadag
A national contest was held in Ashgabat
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The President of Turkmenistan took part in the celebrations at the International Akhal-Teke Equestrian Complex
The President of Turkmenistan participated in the first meeting of "C5+1" multilateral cooperation
The President made a speech at the 78th session of the UN General Assembly
The autumn horse racing season has started in the country
Horse show jumping competition at the Ashgabat Equestrian Sports Complex.
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Decree of the President of Turkmenistan
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Halkara ahalteke atçylyk assosiasiýasynyň XIII mejlisi.
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Türkmenistanyň Prezidenti Halkara ahalteke atçylyk sport toplumyndaky dabaralara gatnaşdy
Halkyň ruhubelentligi hem-de döredijilik ylhamy — Watanymyzyň Rowaçlygy
2022-nji ýylyň 3-nji sentýabrynda Aşgabat atçylyk sport toplumynda Güýzki at çapyşyk möwsümine badalga berildi.
Ahal welaýatynda meşhur Akhan bedewiniň heýkeli ýerleşdirilen monumenti gurlar
Hormatly Prezidentimiz Serdar Berdimuhamedow baýramçylyk dabaralaryna gatnaşdy
Garaşsyz, hemişelik Bitarap Türkmenistanyň atşynaslaryna, bedew janköýerlerine we mähriban halkyna
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Türkmenistanyň Prezidenti Serdar Berdimuhamedowyň Halkara ahalteke atçylyk assosiasiýasynyň XII mejlisindäki Çykyşy
Halkara ahalteke atçylyk assosiasiýasynyň XII mejlisi
Türkmenistanyň Prezidenti Ahal welaýatynyň edara ediş merkeziniň gurluşygynyň barşy bilen tanyşdy
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Hormatly Prezidentimiz Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow Köpetdagyň eteginde guruljak athananyň taslamasy bilen tanyşdy
Hormatly Prezidentimiz Halkara ahalteke atçylyk sport toplumynda baýramçylyk dabaralaryna gatnaşdy
Milli Liderimiz Türkmenistanyň Prezidentiniň Ahalteke atçylyk toplumyna bardy
Milli Liderimiz Türkmenistanyň Prezidentiniň Ahalteke atçylyk toplumyna bardy

Today, in honor of the 32nd anniversary of the holy independence of the country, celebrations were held at the International Akhalteke Equestrian Sports Complex. President of Turkmenistan Serdar Berdimuhamedov participated in these ceremonies.

Horse races held every year in honor of our main holiday in the country increase the brightness of the festivities, symbolize the continuity of the eras and generations, and the commitment of our beloved people to the ancient national traditions.

In the new historical period, the Akhalteke horses, which are considered as a model of beauty and perfection, have become a symbol of Turkmenistan's steady progress, peace and creativity. Winged horses, which are the treasure of the country and the culture of all mankind, have been famous all over the world since ancient times. The rich history of the nation is inextricably linked with the wild Akhalteke horses. They have always been loyal friends of our people. Over the centuries, the horse has become a vivid expression of a dream come true in the minds of our people, determination to achieve a goal, and the will to win.

In Turkmenistan, the homeland of winged steeds, horse riding is recognized as a business of state importance. The President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Serdar Berdimuhamedov pays great attention to the large-scale activities carried out in the industry. Activities in this area are carried out on a scientific basis. The services of Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, the National Leader of the Turkmen people, Chairman of the People's Council of Turkmenistan, are very important in this noble work.

The preacher of Ahalteke horses, the author of excellent books about them, an experienced and skilled rider, our hero Arkadag, whose goal-oriented, creative work is aimed at the restoration, preservation and development of the breed of pure-blooded paradise horses, the formation of a modern breed of horses, the promotion of national equestrian games and sports. helped to do. On the basis of the establishment of the International Ahalteke Equestrian Association, a new impetus was given to the development of effective relations with foreign partners. Every year in April, the national holiday of the Turkmen horse is widely celebrated in the country, and the international beauty contest of winged horses, which are the best representatives of this unique breed, is held. All the necessary conditions were provided for the efficient work of the workers of the industry. Honorary names were created in order to properly appreciate their work.

Also, great importance is attached to education in this field, training of high-level young specialists, further improvement of equestrian science. The opening of the International Equestrian Academy named after Aba Annaev in Arkadag on September 1 of this year was an important step in this direction. The Equestrian Research and Production Center was built there.

As in ancient times, even today, Akhalteke horses are the decoration of national festivals. In Turkmenistan, no holiday is complete without them. Yesterday, on September 27, on the occasion of the 32nd anniversary of the independence of our dear motherland, the Akhalteke horses showed their skill and beauty in a solemn procession held in Ashgabat, our white marble capital. Horse races, which are very popular in the country, also provide an opportunity to watch the wonderful horses with wings of the wind and to appreciate the skills of our riders.

... In the morning at the International Akhalteke Equestrian Sports Complex, located in a beautiful corner at the foot of Kopetdag, a real festive atmosphere was created, typical of a Turkmen wedding. The Speaker of the Mejlis, members of the Government, leaders of military and law enforcement agencies, ministries, departmental administrations, public organizations, mass media, honorable elders and youth gathered here. Among the participants of the event are heads of diplomatic missions working in the country, as well as foreign guests.

Everyone warmly greets the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Serdar Berdimuhamedov. The Turkmen leader, who invests a lot in Akhalteke horses and is an excellent rider, continues the noble family traditions and always focuses on all issues related to the national equestrian industry. Today, this industry is being developed in harmony with modern technologies, on the basis of continuity of our glorious national traditions.

An exhibition dedicated to the famous Akhalteke horses, which are a source of indomitable creative enthusiasm for our beloved people, was held within the community. The creative talent of our people is clearly expressed in all forms of fine and applied arts. Today's masters create wonderful works of art depicting winged horses. At the same time, the works of artists and sculptors symbolize the eternal concepts of beauty, loyalty, friendship, patriotism. The tradition of decorating horses with precious jewelry is a clear proof of the great love our people have for the Akhalteke horses. Turkmen jewelers have a unique art of making horse jewelry. Here are the jewels